You want to improve MapProxy, found a bug and want to fix it? Great! This document points you to some helpful information.


Releases are available from the PyPI project page of MapProxy. There is also an archive of all official releases, unofficial releases and pre-releases can be found here.

MapProxy uses Git as a source control management tool. If you are new to distributed SCMs or Git we recommend to read Pro Git.

The main (authoritative) repository is hosted at

To get a copy of the repository call:

git clone

Continuous integration

We use Travis-CI to automatically run the MapProxy test suite against different Python versions. The test results can be found here. Travis-CI is connected with our GitHub repository and the integration tests are run for each commit and pull-request.

How to contribute

You can post patches to the mailing list or create a new ticket. Or better, create a fork instead and send a pull request. Feel free to post to the mailing list first, if you have any question.

More information

There is a whole chapter about development in the documentation. It covers most aspects of the MapProxy development including the source code, documentation, tests, etc.