If you need help setting up MapProxy, having some trouble or found a bug? There are different ways to get help:

Mailing List

The OSGeo is hosting our mailing list:

The list is for users and developers and is the best place to discuss MapProxy. You must subscribe to the list before you can write. There is an archive of all older posts.

How to ask for help?

There are a few things you should consider when asking for help on the mailing list, that will make it more likely to get a fast and helpful response.

  • Describe what you're trying to do and what your end result should be. It's possible that there is an easier way to do something.

  • Always include a minimal configuration to reproduce your setup – including all grids, caches, sources and layers. But remove all unrelated parts, e.g. when you have multiple sources/caches/layers.

  • Describe what you are expecting and what you get. Include URLs you are requesting from MapProxy and URLs of requests that MapProxy makes to your source.

  • Describe what you already tried to do.

  • Include the software versions of your setup (MapProxy, Windows/Linux, Proj4, PIL, etc.).

  • Try to see if it works with mapproxy-util serve-develop if your issue is not related to the deployment itself. Copy any error output in your mail.

  • Always include a minimal configuration to reproduce your setup.

  • There is a hard limit of 100kB per mail on the mailing list. Avoid HTML, only post tiny pictures and/or use external webspace (or Dropbox) for larger stuff.

  • Use these guidelines with common sense. For example, we don't need your OpenLayers configuration when MapProxy doesn't start up.


There is a #mapproxy IRC channel on, where you might find someone to help you.

Issue Tracker

Found a bug, or want to request some feature? We have an issue tracker for that, where you can create new tickets. See development.

Commercial support

Omniscale, the creator of MapProxy, offers a wide range of commercial support: From on-site training, installation and configuration assistance, general consulting to personal mail and phone support with guaranteed response times. Contact us for more information.