New MapProxy 1.7.0 release

  • 2014-07-07 16:45:00+02:00

We are pleased to announce the release of MapProxy 1.7.0. It contains a lot of major and minor improvements.

The latest release is available at:

To upgrade within your virtualenv:

$ pip install --upgrade --no-deps MapProxy

Updated documentation is available at:

New features

Some noteworthy improvements since 1.6.0 are:

New autoconf tool

There is a new autoconf tool that is able to create MapProxy configurations based on existing WMS services. It reads WMS capabilities documents and creates sources and caches for all layers. It's a great way to get started with a new service.


Improved error handling in mapproxy-seed

Some services you need to seed are not as robust as you like. We improved mapproxy-seed to be more resilient with unstable sources. It prints more useful error messages and retries to request images for longer: seeding will not abort if a source is down for a few hours.

Python 2.5

MapProxy 1.7.0 is the last release with support for Python 2.5.

Other fixes and changes

There are many more changes and improvements. For a complete list of see: