New MapProxy 0.9.1 release

  • 2011-01-10 17:00:00+01:00

We are finally ready to announce the release of MapProxy 0.9.1. It contains lots of major and minor improvements.

The latest release is available at:

To upgrade within your virtualenv:

$ pip install -U MapProxy

Updated documentation is available at:

Some noteworthy improvements are:

Coverage support

You can limit any tile/WMS source to the actual coverage of the data. The configuration is similar to the seeding tool. You can use a simple BBOX, WKT files or OGR datasources like Shapefiles to load the boundaries of your data. Requests for data outside of the coverage will result in empty images and the source will not be requested.


WMS improvements

We added lots of new features to the WMS implementation of MapProxy. Some of them:


Use multiple MapProxy configurations in a single MapProxy instance:


For a more complete list see: