New MapProxy 0.8.4 release

  • 2010-08-02 00:00:00+02:00

We are proud to announce the release of MapProxy 0.8.4. Read on for more information.

The latest release is available at:

To upgrade within your virtualenv:

$ pip install --no-deps --upgrade 'MapProxy<=0.8.99'

Note: The '<=0.8.99' prevents from installing 0.9 when it is released.

Updated documentation is available at:

Release information

The 0.8.4 release contains minor bug fixes and improvements.

Some of the features of the new release are:

  • Improved PNG performance with PIL fastpng branch.
  • New concurrent_requests option to limit requests for each source WMS server.
  • Extra newline at the end of all templates. Some deployment setups removed the last characters.