The MapProxy creates all tiles on demand. To improve the performance for commonly requested views it is possible to pre-generate these tiles. The proxy_seed script does this task.


The command line script expects a seed configuration that describes which tiles from which layer should be generated. See configuration for the format of the file.

Use the -f option to specify the proxy configuration.

proxy_seed -f etc/proxy.yaml etc/seed.yaml


The script checks if the requested tiles are present. If they are not cached, they will be created. If the seed is configured with an remove_before date, the tile will be recreated if it is older.

If you want to rebuild the cache, you can use the -r (--rebuild) option. It will rebuild level per level. It first creates the new tiles for this level, then changes the old ones with the new tiles and only removes the old tiles afterwards. That way the cache is always present. The rebuild level will contain an last_seed file with the time-stamp of the last rebuild. If there is a remove_before date configured, the level will only be rebuild if the last_seed file is older than the date.


The configuration contains two keys: views and seeds. views describes geographical extends that should be seeded. seeds links actual layers with those views.


Contains a dictionary with layer/view mapping.:

        views: ['world', 'germany', 'oldb']
        views: ['world', 'germany']
            time: '2009-04-01T14:45:00'
            # or
            minutes: 15
            hours: 4
            days: 9
            weeks: 8

If present, recreate tiles if they are older than the date or time delta. Also, tiles that are older will be removed. If you use the --rebuild option, the level will only be recreated if the last_seed file in the level directory is older. If there is no such file, the level will be rebuilt.

You can either define a fixed time or a time delta. The time is a ISO-like date string (no time-zones, no abbreviations). To define time delta use one or more minutes, hours, days, weeks entries.


Contains a dictionary with all views. Each view describes a geographical extend.

The BBOX that should be cached. If omitted, the whole BBOX of the layer is used.
The SRS of the BBOX. If omitted the SRS of the first layer cache is used.
A list with SRS. If the layer contains caches for multiple SRS, only the caches that match one of the SRS in this list will be seeded.
Seed until this resolution is cached.


A number until which this layer is cached, or a tuple with a range of levels that should be cached.


    world: # cache whole layer from level 0 to 3
        level: 3
    germany: # seed a fixed bbox, from level 4 to 10
        bbox:  [5.40731, 46.8447, 15.5072, 55.4314]
        bbox_srs: EPSG:4326
        level: (4, 10)
    oldb: # seed around bbox until resolution of 4m/px
        bbox: [904500, 7000800, 925700, 7020400]
        bbox_srs: EPSG:900913
        srs: ['EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:900913']
        res: 4

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